Some things just can’t be said in a tweet.

This site is written and operated by Jim Roepcke, a Canadian living in Penticton, BC, formerly of Victoria, BC, originally from Edmonton, AB.

Jim is a software developer, a husband and a father of two. Jim started working as a programmer in 1994, started blogging in 1999, and has been making iPhone and iPad apps since 2008.

You can find his personal Twitter account here: @JimRoepcke

Jim tweets about the Oilers on his secondary account: @JimRoepckeOilrs (darn 15 character username limit!)

Jim’s biggest hobby, aside from following the Oilers of course, is playing board games.


Jim first launched oilogger.com in October, 2000, but it only lasted one season. After 16 years, it’s time to try again.